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too much of one thing, sometimes you just want to run and hide


I have been working away at trying to get everything in my life dialed in the way I'd like to see it.

Playing with new mediums and putting myself out there for y'all to take a look see.... Everything in the way of redesigning and trying to trust the ride as it takes me places I never thought possible.

I've learned a thing or two about yourself in the process.. Things I pretty much knew, and some complete out of the blue realizations that have sent me back to the drawing board yet again in this richly colored work of art I like to call my life.

Sometimes its easier to want to bury your head under the covers or in a book, or hanging out in the yard, anything, ANYTHING but sitting down in front of the computer to get some work done, that you are excited by, but seems daunting and controlled and rather unmanageable...

I began reworking this site in the name of spring, in the name of Ostara and all that is new and revitalized.  I began seeing what would work and what just wouldn't do anymore..  My old blog space became quite a noxious task, one that wouldn't upload as I was posting, and rather than spend TLC time with it, I have come to the conclusion that starting over (as I am still relatively a newbie back to the blogging life)  was an acceptable thing to do...!

So here we are, in a new blog life, a new spring life, a new me life, one I am excited to see how it takes its new more matured shape and form..

Thanks ever so much for being on this journey alongside me,  makes me feel better to know there are loads of beautiful people out there connecting with me as I move in my day.

I just recently moved my machines and part of my life into a new workspace that I will share very soon!! 

Heres to the joy in putting the work into your life so you can see how the results might turn out.  Better not to shy away from even the most daunting of tasks, and that is so different for each of us.

Show up for yourself, hey?